Hi There! Welcome to Metadiapason Customer Care!

Saturday 20th of March 2021
h. 10.00 – 18.00 CET
(14.00 – 22.00 Pakistan time)

Lahore Digital Arts Festival

in collaboration with

produced by

‘Customer Care’ is an interactive music performance part of a broader investigation on the everyday life actions, considered liturgies of the modern human beings. Proposing an effect of immersion, estrangement and identification, the aim of the performance is generating different artistic processes involving the public with sounds, images and gestures belonging to the modern rituals.
‘Customer Care’ pushes interactive arts practices over the edge through the representation of the common experience with a telephone operator, intrusive for the users and dehumanising for the workers, represented in the performance by the interplay of the public and the performers in a shift of 8 hours

Author and director: Leonardo Zaccone
Production manager: Clio Flego
Set designer: Stella Passerini
Costume designer: Rosita Esposito
Acting manager: Valentina Mignogna

Audio manager: Giuseppe Silvi
Video manager: Stefano Varano
Ground line manager: Fabio Sestili
Timbric line manager: Federico Scalas
Chatbot designer: Leonardo Zaccone


Valentina Mignogna (vocal)
Damiano Casula (vocal)
Andrea Salvi (flute)
Roberta Pero (clarinet)

Fabio Sestili (synth)
Francesco Paradisi (guitar)
Edoardo Staffa (tape)
Marco Di Gasbarro (percussion)

Federico Scalas – Livio Mammozzetti – Giuseppe Silvi – Leonardo Zaccone
(self made sound objects, table, cartridges, materials, springs)

Clio Flego (office supervisor)


Miriam Akkermann (sampling with dolphins)
Mattia Catalano (acoustic guitar)
Massimo Massimi (organ)
Giuseppe Molica (paper)
Martina Colli (electric piano)
Andrea e Marco (percussions/samples)
Kaneko (vocal duo)
Federico Spadini (tea cups) [at 5pm]
Claudio Panariello (cones in feedback)