il valore etico del fare
oltrepassa il valore estetico del fatto

Nato nel 2005 su impulso di Leonardo Zaccone, MetaDiaPason coinvolge un gruppo di artisti e professionisti di numerose discipline accomunati dall’interesse per la sperimentazione.

La nostra ricerca indaga il rapporto tra tecnologia e umanesimo, con interesse all’interazione sia come processo tecnologico e digitale che come processo umano e sociale.

Per la sua natura multiforme e interdisciplinare, il collettivo MetaDiaPason esprime anche un ensemble musicale.

Founded in Rome in 2005 by an impulse of Leonardo Zaccone, MetaDiapason is actually spread in different cities between Italy and Germany.

MetaDiapason is an artistic post-fluxus mindset working in contemporary art with installations and performances. The main focus is interaction –social, artistic, technological. Everything is a process. It is formed by an interdisciplinary group of people: architects, artists, biohackers, curators, makers, musicians, performers, experimenting with different types of technologies and languages. 

MetaDiapason collective is a collaborative creative studio that on one side experiments with Art and New Technologies – with tools related to Artificial and Bio Intelligences – and on the other gives shape to MetaDiapason ensemble, pure improvisation, combining conventional instruments from the classical music genre with digital and DIY instruments, such as synths and pad live electronics. 

MetaDiapason usually performs in unconventional and site-specific places, often molding lights and sounds with the environment creating interactive and immersive experiences.

MetaDiapason is unconscious music, MetaDiapason is inventive people.